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Prof. dr Vladeta Jerotić 
Honorary President of SAS

Psychiatrists, psychotherapists. 

Full member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, since 2000. 
Individual IAAP Member. 
Member of SDPS. 
Professor at the Faculty of Theology, University of Belgrade.

Georgije Vuletić  
President of the Serbian Analytical Society (SAS)

PhD, Psychology 

IAAP Router



Analysts/Psychotherapists of SAS


Jelena Sladojević Matić 
Former President of Serbian Analytical Society (SAS)

PhD in Psychology
Member of SDPS and European Association of Psychotherapists (EAP). 
IAAP Individual Member

Marijana Popovic

PhD in Psychology
IAAP Individual Member
Member of SDPS and EAP.
Works in the field of psychological assessment and psychotherapy. 

Marko Vuković 
MD, Psychiatrist 

Individual Member of the IAAP. 
Member of SDPS and EAP.
He has nine years of experience in clinical work – psychosis and affective disorders and crises.


Bojana Stamenković

MD, Psychiatrist
Individual member of the IAAP.
Member of SDPS and EAP.
In the past twenty years worked in psychiatric hospitals in Serbia and in Slovenia,
participated as a lecturer and trainer in psychotherapy education. 
At present, she has her own private practice, founded in 2006 in Belgrade.


Elisabetta Iberni

PhD in Dynamic and Clinical Psychology

Individual member of the IAAP.


IAAP Routers


Snežana Manojlović
PhD, psychiatrist, an assistant professor of psychiatry.

IAAP Router.
Head of the psychiatric department at the Psychiatric Clinic in Niš.
She has over twenty years experience in clinical work and in group and individual psychotherapy of psychotic patients.


Jelena Lukić
B.S. in Finance, 
B.A. in Psychology. 

She has been in the training in analytic psychology since 2006.

Ljubica Zamurović
MD Psychiatrist

Ivana Radovanović Novaković
Branislava Piper

Nadežda Janaćković

Marija Tucović

Zorana Filipović


Ostali članovi SAS

Ana Jelić

Tamara Bradić