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Belgrade Analytical Circle (BAC) was founded in 1991 as a society of academically educated people from Serbia interested in Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung. It was the first organization in Serbia with the goal of introducing Analytical psychology of C.G. Jung and his successors to the public and professionals. BAC is also the member of The Serbian Union of Associations for Psychotherapy (SDPS).

In December 2001 BAC acquired status of the IAAP Development Group. 

In November 2003 in Belgrade, BAC organized a conference The Jungian psychology in modern world. The conference was held in the impressive space of City Hall of Belgrade, which used to be a Royal palace once. Among the main participants were also Murray Stein, Renos Papadopoulos and Josip Pašić - eminent IAAP members.

Picture 1 – City Hall of Belgrade

Picture 2 – Conference participants


In 2004, at the XVI IAAP Congress in Barcelona, two BAC members, prof. Vladeta Jerotić and Velimir Popović were elected IAAP Individual Members.

Since 2004, encouraged by Murray Stein and Renos Papadopoulos, BAC has organized training in Analytical psychology in order to promote it and to prepare interested individuals for potential Individual training through IAAP. Of course, the training has not a status of formal training recognized by IAAP. 

In October 2007, the name of DG was changed to
 Serbian Analytical Society (SAS). 

Until today, seven DG members have become Individual Members of IAAP.

Currently, SAS consists of ten members. Four of them are IAAP Individual Members, one of them is currently finishing the training for Individual Member of IAAP, three members are in the status of IAAP router, and two members are preparing to apply for the Individual Training through IAAP. 

Activities of the Development group

  • DG has held series of public lectures since October 2003 (once a month in average);

  • Training in analytical psychology was organized for interested persons and for the potential candidates for Individual Training through IAAP. Trainees had an obligation to take part in public lectures organized by SAS, seminars and workshops held by SAS senior members, as well as workshops given by visiting IAAP analysts. After completing a second year of education, those interested in Individual Training through IAAP were encouraged to continue education and to start with personal analysis and supervision. 
  • Velimir Popović PhD, the first president of the DG, has succeeded to establish a course “Analytical Psychology - Theory and Practice”, as a regular subject on the postgraduate studies of Clinical psychology at the Belgrade University. Jelena Sladojević, current SAS president, occasionally and by invitation, gives lectures on Analytical psychology for the psychology students at the Belgrade University.

In 2011 SAS plans to continue all above mentioned activities including organization of workshops for interested professionals – psychiatrists,  psychotherapists, physicians , …

The members of SAS have had a great pleasure to work with visiting analysts and to attend stimulating lectures presented by: Dr Mario Jacoby (SGAP), Dr Josip Pasic (CSJA), Dr Mary Addenbrooke (SAP), Dr Murray Stein (SGAP) and Jozef Magdič (AGAP). 

In January 2011, IAAP Vice-President Jan Wiener and IAAP Honorary Secretary Angela Connolly officialy visited SAS. 

Since June 2011 Developing Group has continued its work with a new Liaison person - Dr Martin Schmidt.

Last two years SAS has been visited by many eminent IAAP members - Marianne Müller, Waren Colman, Judith Woodhead, Mary Addenbrook, ...